Human Design, Generators/Manifesting Generators & How it Applies to The Actor

Recently, I was introduced to Human Design. As someone who has always had an interest in philosophy, astrology, metaphysics and even the occult, I was shocked I hadn’t heard of it before.

I have numerous books on astrology and birthdays, numerology and I even possess a tarot deck. It’s not that I believe these things to be the answer to life- no- just, some kind of guiding tool to give us answers about ourselves or things happening around us; a system to provide sometimes painful truths that we may be otherwise opposed to learning about ourselves and our environment.

Since Human Design and its’ creator, Ra Uru Hu are not listed very descriptively online, I can summarize the system by stating simply that it is a personality analyzing theorem that aims to provide you with insights on how to better live your life, or more accurately, to be your ‘truest self’.

Yep. I know how this sounds. Even the name, Ra Uru Hu sounds God-like and seems to imply a person who is jockeying for fandom; a story from a book that just might end in a mass-suicide. But, seeing as how Ra Uru Hu has passed on from this world, I do not want to tarnish his legacy by so harshly judging something as simple as his chosen name. In reality, I think this man may very well be an actual genius.

Through Ra Uru Hu’s teachings, I’ve learned of 5 distinct personality types, and they are as follows:





Manifesting Generators

People of all walks of life fall into one of the above categories. Manifesting Generators and Generators are unique because they make up a large part of the population and the way these types of people succeed in life is largely the opposite of what many of us were taught growing up.

For the purpose of this post, I will be focusing on these two groups and how it will effect your life as an actor if you fall into these categories.

First, some backstory:

Metaphysics. I have always been fascinated with the reason for being. Why we are, who we are, where we are, and for God’s sake how on earth do we survive in this socially unaware, politician-lead, cruel, internet-driven, vain and contemptuous planet? The thing I could never quite grasp- I mean, who does grasp metaphysics, anyway?- is the reason for my sheer frustration at life, even at times when everything was seemingly perfect. How could I get to the place where I woke up every day, positive that I was in the right place, being exactly who I was, nothing more and nothing less, and blissfully ready to enjoy the gift of the day ahead of me? It seems so simple, yet we all know how complex and elusive the answer actually is.

I found that my constantly wandering mind only took respite at night when I could finally shut down from the worries of the day and put my body to rest for the evening. Looking forward to sleep each day is a strange place to be in your life.

As an actor, everything was just harder. You are frequently in between jobs and wanting more, finding that the more emotionally stressed you are about a lack of acting work, the more it negatively effects the performances and auditions you do have the blessing to book. I was doing what I loved, so how did everything get so off?

Its hard to put into words the exact measures of my distress, but let’s just say my mom was worried about me. I just never could seem to be happy with where I was at, in the moment, in that day and time and place; always wanting more and recognizing what I didn’t have instead of what I did.

To top it off, around the end of January I lost a friend to a horrific, brutal murder, the details of which you can read here, if you choose to:

Sara Zghoul Murder Case

How could she die this way? How could she? How do we live in a world where someone could do this to another person? It was then and there that I decided, I refuse to be the person who complains about life. I refuse to be the person who wakes up every day to a beautiful life on this earth, wasting precious tears and energy on things that do not matter. I wanted to spend those tears on my friend Sara, for all of the lost loved ones of the world, and certainly not on the lack of being hired on some acting job, or some similarly minute, momentary frustration.

The only way you get through the pain of losing someone is to know in your heart that we all have a limited time on this earth, and to be truly grateful for each day that we are breathing. How could I get there?

In regards to my acting career, I have always felt especially responsible. Although I have had successes, I just couldn’t feel happy with where I was at. No matter how hard I tried. It was always more, more, more and what’s next. And when something wasn’t immediately on the radar to come next, I was especially miserable.

To get a better understanding of how I got to this place, if you, dear reader, are not an actor, try my shoes on for size:

An actor is taught young in their career that they need to be a GO-GETTER, a hustler, someone working from the crack of dawn to the early hours of the night, making sure to be working harder then the competition. We are told stories of famous actors who went homeless before giving up on their craft, living in the streets or sleeping in cars and barely feeding themselves but making it to their auditions on time. We are shown methods of getting our ‘face’ and ‘brand’ out there to the world- most of which involves the endless barrage of preparing and sending emails, post cards, headshots, resumes, just grind, grind, grind.

It’s damn exhausting! I never wanted to live like that. That’s not what you realize you are signing up for, when you begin your path as an actor. And although acting is a large part of my life that brings me joy, I wasn’t about to continue on this path of it being a mind-controlling, torture machine that sucked me dry of energy and passion for other areas that deserved it. Like, spending quality time with my husband, parents and brother, my friends, and even on other hobbies.

For non-actors: A similarity to this is the baby boomer or generation X parent; I’m sure all of us have a story or two of the moment our well-meaning fathers sat us down and said, “Now look here (son or daughter), the only way to succeed in life is to work hard. You pound the pavement until your feet bleed, and you work harder than anyone else around you and success will follow. You wake up early and keep your nose to the grindstone, if you want a job go out and apply to every single one until you get one. You want something, you gotta make it happen for yourself.’ The disapproving shakes of their head when you choose not to go out for football or cheerleading… the verbal backlash for choosing to sleep in on a lazy Sunday morning…. the utter disappointment of being a recent college grad without employment, still living at home, with no prospects on the horizon.

Enter Human Design. A friend had posted about it on Instagram, and suggested that her followers do a reading through a website (that I will post below):

I acquiesced. After all, I figured it would be a fun little time-killer, astrological in nature, and not much else. I had no idea what I was in for! I had no expectation that my life would change.

What I read changed everything for me.

Based on my chart, I’m a Manifesting Generator. So, Manifesting Generators are a combo type- part Manifester, part Generator, with the strongest elements of themselves being Generators. Nearly 70 percent of the worlds’ population are Manifesting Generators or Pure Generators (and up to 92% of all people should utilize some form of this waiting/responding method as opposed to the “go-getter” method) so the truth of what I learned effects a massive amount of people…

The trick to letting your life unravel beautifully before your eyes is waiting for the response! A response can be in the form of an invitation to act on something that comes from a situation or person other than yourself.

This is a little complicated to explain so bear with me: all Generators or manifesting generators (and Reflectors and Projectors in a similar manner) need to do in life to reach their destiny is respond to factors, people, options and the environment that presents itself to them.

So, in essence, the days of hustling and projecting your desires outwardly, waiting to be fulfilled by other people is over. This fulfillment starts from deep within you, trusting that the waiting is part of the action. All you need to do is live, breathe, wake up each morning knowing that the good earth will present you with opportunity of some kind, and trust your instinctual response of whether what is offered to you is right for you or not.

Think of the last time you may have gone out of your comfort zone and pushed for something. It was probably with a relationship or a job. You think you want someone or something, so you push for it- you ask him or her out on a date, you call them, text them, check in a couple weeks later without hearing back. Same with the job, you seek out the job, send your material, maybe even get the interview, obsessively follow up and lay all of your energies out on the line. All of the constant initiating and manifesting of what you want is doing the opposite for you, and is making you repellant to others!

Now think about a time when everything went perfectly; a serendipitous moment where you and someone cross paths. They just so happen to know someone close to you, or visit the same coffee shop regularly, you grab their drink by mistake or some other kind of off-handed moment occurs that turns your two souls towards each other and suddenly you found the person you were meant to find. Sounds like something out of a film, right? It could be your life. You may have experienced it already by meeting new friends or acquiring the job of your dreams. It doesn’t always work out when you push for it, even if you are prepared in every other aspect.

I’m not saying to stop going for your dreams and ambitions. But change the way you go about it. And, you should know, that the ‘hustling’ element does work for some people. Those people are Manifesters. They can initiate their chosen future and like magic- their wishes come true. It may sound like the person you want to be, but if you really think about it- wouldn’t you rather let your destiny unravel beautifully around you and introduce you to each day along the way as a new and exciting step in a direction with an almost unknown, mysterious ending

The trick here is recognizing who we are as who we really are, and not just who we think we are. This is especially pertinent in a world full of social media where people only choose certain portions of themselves to expose outwardly to the world, sharing what they think makes them interesting or admirable to others, and withholding the secrets that make them who they actually are.

Generators and Manifesting Generators are beings of the new age of the world.

Did you know that roughly 65% of primary school aged children will end up in careers that currently don’t even exist? Those people are not the Manifesters, they are the Generators of the world. For a Manifesters energy to work, they must first know what they want- and then they will be directed to that thing. Not so with the other human design types; like a thrilling, engaging novel we turn each page hungry for more, waiting for the event of the next chapter and when it comes- it surprises us- and if the book is any good, the ending takes us to a place completely unexpected but entirely needed, true to the story, authentic and one hundred percent unique.

So Manifesters must know what they want. But how can the rest of us find success without knowing what we want, you might ask?

Many of us are equipped with pre-ordained destinies, or a karmic-end-place that our path is leading us on. Even while on the path, it’s not clear where we will end up. So, trusting your instincts and learning to let life happen to you while simply responding yes, or no, is your proper way. Like a good book, right?

For example, if you want to meet someone you can simply live in that. Tell yourself and others that you’re ready for someone, a relationship, a new job, an opportunity. Enjoy your time in the space knowing that the thing you seek will come to you but don’t expect it in the way you think.

Since learning of my human design type, I’ve given it a long, hard trial run.

I’ve simply stopped caring about tomorrow. Which, as one would have it, is much easier then I expected it to be. I woke up the morning after all of my reading, and just thought to myself, “I’m done”. Done being the person constantly pushing for more. Done missing out on the joys of the moment out of worry for tomorrow. Done thinking my life would be better, easier, more desirable, if I lived somewhere else under different circumstances.

I’ve even gone so far as to say that I don’t mind what direction my life takes now. As someone who knows what the future holds- knowing I will be a peaceful, pleasant, successful woman who loves and nurtures those around her and fully embraces each moment of every day – I don’t mind the winding path that I may take to get there. And I don’t mind if the end is different than I once envisioned it, because I trust I will end up in the place I was meant to.

Each day, I wake up and remind myself that the universe will give me things to respond to. Those questions will likely have yes or no answers. However those questions are answered will lead me in my right direction.

Since practicing this method, for example, I’ve begun exploring in great detail, a lifelong interest I’ve had to learn how to make custom fragrance blends. I didn’t push for this to happen. One thing lead to another, to another- with me answering yes all the way through- that lead to a friend loaning me two perfume books, a couple niche fragrance creators adding me on Instagram, a happenstance stop at a glorious spice shop, and I now find myself brewing my first batch of my very first homemade perfume.

In the past, would I have been too caught up with the obsession of my life’s path instead of actually living out my passion every day? Yes.

And acting work has increased as well. Not just that, but my body feels healthy since my mind is radiating positivity. The entire energy field of my being feels like it’s repelling negativity, and sickness.

I’ve had an enormous amount of success lately, and not just within my circle but in areas that there had been no growth previously. I’m kinder to those around me, I’m spending more time with friends, I’m reading books and taking coffee breaks like they are the most glorious activities in the world.

A life of the ‘mundane’ is only ‘mundane’ if you make it so. If you allow yourself to open up to the possibility that your life is currently unfathomably fabulous, it will become so. Everything is perception.

May these become your motto to live by, as they are mine! May you welcome this knowledge with an open and curious heart, and may it lead you down your own road to enlightenment, your truest self and eventually:

Complete and utter happiness!

With sincerity,

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