My ‘Accomplishments Center’ and Why You Should Have One

They say before you lose weight or take on a new fitness regime, it helps to take a before photo. Many find this process daunting-but the point is to not illuminate your glaring insecurities, but to give you a ‘start’ point. In today’s day and age, with all of the Instagram photos and Facebook posts that save into the internet abyss for all time, this is easier than ever before. Every now and then you get an alert when you login reminding you of who you were 7 years ago, along with photos, a video timeline with music etc. These fun features are great, BUT they don’t inspire you every day or remind you what you are working towards, which is why I would encourage you to create your very own:


This can be similar to a mural or shadow box, but its most important that you put it somewhere in your home that you see everyday. Be sure to include photos of yourself from days on set that created beautiful memories, tickets to your first premier, DVD’s of your final film projects or anything else that reminds you of how far you have come and just how proud you are of your accomplishments! In my accomplishments center, I’ve included kind notes and letters from directors who have given me compliments on my performances, my SAG AFTRA approval paperwork, my favorite, most game changing screenplays and more. These mementos can be obvious (a DVD copy), or things that are a little more obscure (not recognizable to others as an accomplishment, but that strike a strong chord in you to keep persevering)! This will serve as your ‘after photo’, so you will have a visual representation of how far you will come. Although hopefully your ‘after’ will always be a work in progress as you continue to add more and more achievements to your achievements center.

If you ever read the book the Secret, you will know the power of your thoughts, frame of mind and even your words- so much of this is creating the life that you want and truly believing in it before it happens. This achievements center will have a positive effect on your mind, and your association with the industry. We are bombarded with the hurtful elements of this business daily; regularly hearing NO instead of YES, and missing out on opportunities due to life and financial restraints among other things. Keeping a shadow box of positive memories will remind you that there is more to be done, and keep you pursuing your dream.

When you accomplish a goal, the sad part is that the moment passes and you hardly have time to revel in it; You attend that screening, or get that big audition and then within a matter of seconds the event has passed and you have moved on. With the chaos of today’s activities, it’s easy to get caught up in the next thing on your list and pretty much forget your milestones completely. In the acting industry, it is important to set goals and to continue moving forward- but moving forward means remembering how far you have come! So, take the time to focus on all of your brilliant accomplishments- praise yourself, and remember to keep the dream alive!

Tell me about something you are proud of, something you’ve recently accomplished or a way you remind yourself of how far you’ve come! Thank you for reading!



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