Actor Hacks: Top 6 Apps, Programs & More

  If you haven’t seen the above photos of my lovely Aunt, actress Jodie Smith, take a good look! I love her expression, the depth in her eyes, the warm background. You probably would not expect that I shot these photos in a quick thirty minutes using my iPhone! Learn about my favorite and most used actors hacks from 2016 below (including the Portrait Mode on iPhone that I used to take the above images): Read more

My ‘Accomplishments Center’ and Why You Should Have One

They say before you lose weight or take on a new fitness regime, it helps to take a before photo. Many find this process daunting-but the point is to not illuminate your glaring insecurities, but to give you a ‘start’ point. In today’s day and age, with all of the Instagram photos and Facebook posts that save into the internet abyss for all time, this is easier than ever before. Every now and then you get an alert when you login reminding you of who you were 7 years ago, along with photos, a video timeline with music etc. These fun features are great, BUT they don’t inspire you every day or remind you what you are working towards, which is why I would encourage you to create your very own:

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The Day Job: What I Chose and Why

Isn’t is fun to daydream that one day you will be discovered as this magnificent talent and swept away into a life of financial security and acting jobs galore? Yes, for most actors this dream is alive and well. In the real world, most working actors do not make their living at it. So, actors have come up with creative ways to supplement their income.

You may have heard of many different types of career choices for actors, often times waiting tables or becoming a bartender is the easiest option; But those careers may not offer the long term solution to your problem-which is- Finding a position that you enjoy, with the flexibility to spend time honing your craft. In fact, many server and bartender positions are nighttime/weekend jobs, which in and of itself is not necessarily conducive to being your  most productive self.  Translation: Being exhausted and not wanting to jump out of bed for those 6:00am call times!

What I want to share with you are details about a job that is not talked about much, something you don’t study in school or necessary plan to work into your life, yet something that could be your secret to success between now and your big break! PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Read more