Hello dear friends! ‘Tis the season for auditioning… So, are you bringing your ‘A’ game? Auditioning is a skill. It’s a learned practice that gets better with time, and something we can constantly be studying and improving on. Don’t enter the room feeling unsafe, uncomfortable and under-prepared! The following are my preferred tips and tricks for nailing an audition:

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The Day Job: What I Chose and Why

Isn’t is fun to daydream that one day you will be discovered as this magnificent talent and swept away into a life of financial security and acting jobs galore? Yes, for most actors this dream is alive and well. In the real world, most working actors do not make their living at it. So, actors have come up with creative ways to supplement their income.

You may have heard of many different types of career choices for actors, often times waiting tables or becoming a bartender is the easiest option; But those careers may not offer the long term solution to your problem-which is- Finding a position that you enjoy, with the flexibility to spend time honing your craft. In fact, many server and bartender positions are nighttime/weekend jobs, which in and of itself is not necessarily conducive to being your  most productive self.  Translation: Being exhausted and not wanting to jump out of bed for those 6:00am call times!

What I want to share with you are details about a job that is not talked about much, something you don’t study in school or necessary plan to work into your life, yet something that could be your secret to success between now and your big break! PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Read more

Casting Perspective: My First Time ‘On the Other Side’ of the Casting Room

Photo top, center, left to right: Cinematographer Teejay Jacoby, Director/Writer Joshua Bailey, Talent Abby Thompson, and myself


Casting: One of the scariest, most nerve racking and panic attack inducing things an actor will ever experience. I should specify up front that auditions (for me) are actually one of the easier things I do (surprisingly); I am not plagued by many of the emotions the majority of actors are. I do not know why this is. I have my own struggles, my own panic inducing elements of this line of work- I’ll get into that another day. Perhaps this effects my perspective, but I still think you will be interested to hear about my first time on ‘the other side’ of the casting room. Read more