Tunes Travels: Edinburgh Day 3

We arise to another sparkling morning in Scotland; filled to the brim with breakfast, we head out in a million layers.

Saturday is bustling; neighborhood residents say hello as they pass each other in the streets, older gentleman sip coffee and laugh about which friends owe them the most money and for the longest. Early morning hair appointments seem to be on trend here, as men and women pack the assortment of barbers stalls to get shaves and cuts. Scotland is just as I had imaged; green, lush and friendly.

Russ and I begin heading to Arthur’s seat around 9:30am, but in the bustle of the morning we have forgotten our umbrella (and its misty today), so we turn back. Read more

Tunes Travels: Edinburgh Day 2

Today is our first full day in Edinburgh! We take a tour of the beautiful home we are staying in (Cluaran Guest House) and can’t believe how wonderful it is. Our hosts have their daughter and new grand baby in town from London- he cries as he wakes from the long evening of sleep and the water boils for our breakfast. LooLoo follows us to the kitchen, hoping to have some of whatever we are getting. We are so contented we could cry.

We opt for the vegetarian breakfast this morning, and are delighted by the scrumptious vegan sausage and homemade orange marmelade. There’s soy milk to go with our coffees, traditional Scottish music playing quietly in the background and we feel truly spoiled. We could have dined for a full two hours, but are anxious to head out so we relax for an hour and head up to get ready. Read more