Actor Hacks: Top 6 Apps, Programs & More

  If you haven’t seen the above photos of my lovely Aunt, actress Jodie Smith, take a good look! I love her expression, the depth in her eyes, the warm background. You probably would not expect that I shot these photos in a quick thirty minutes using my iPhone! Learn about my favorite and most used actors hacks from 2016 below (including the Portrait Mode on iPhone that I used to take the above images): Read more

How To Become a Professional Actor [CastingFrontier.Com Exclusive]

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I’ll never forget the eye-opening moment when I was asked by an agent whether or not I wanted to be an actor. I was crushed, and shocked; after all, this was years in to my ‘career’ (or what I thought was my career) and I was being asked this by my agent. I couldn’t comprehend how my bookings, my time and my commitment could be viewed by anyone else as something different than what I thought they were, which was me actively working towards acting as a profession. Difficult as it was to have that question asked, it has changed my perspective. It has made me realize that there is a national industry standard, and that I maybe wasn’t playing my cards right.


I now look at things differently. I learned to judge my work from the viewpoint of someone who would want to hire me; it was a game changer.  Read more