Actors: Not Working?

So often I find myself scrolling my Facebook or Instagram feed and catching post after post from exuberant actor friends joyfully relaying casting news and updates on their careers. You only hear the good stuff, naturally- because no one wants to share that they are in a dry spell! If you are in a dry spell, however, all of the constant reminders that others in your industry are working while you are not can get you down. This post is to address those times, and to remind you- we all have them!

Down season, dry spell- however you want to refer to it, it is a common element in an actors life. I’d like to share with you a couple tips and tricks that I use personally to overcome times like these. Please keep in mind that these apply only after you have had current and formal acting training, an updated and recent head shot and proper active media visibility online. Those things are paramount, so take a look at all of them first and make sure you are fully ready to  move onto my tips below! Read more

Casting Perspective: My First Time ‘On the Other Side’ of the Casting Room

Photo top, center, left to right: Cinematographer Teejay Jacoby, Director/Writer Joshua Bailey, Talent Abby Thompson, and myself


Casting: One of the scariest, most nerve racking and panic attack inducing things an actor will ever experience. I should specify up front that auditions (for me) are actually one of the easier things I do (surprisingly); I am not plagued by many of the emotions the majority of actors are. I do not know why this is. I have my own struggles, my own panic inducing elements of this line of work- I’ll get into that another day. Perhaps this effects my perspective, but I still think you will be interested to hear about my first time on ‘the other side’ of the casting room. Read more