Tunes Travels: Alaska

KINCAID PARK, Anchorage Alaska

Alaska Botanical Gardens, Anchorage

Anchorage Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Russell can’t stay away!

Montanuska River

Montanuska Glacier


Tunes Travels: London Day 3

It’s another beautiful morning on day three in London! The weather is bright, dry and crisp. After breakfast we hit the streets in our bundled coats and sunglasses 😎. Russell snaps some quick photos of me walking down the street.

We turned down an £18 bus ride to get to the jiu jitsu gym, and opted for the Underground instead. We’ve been using Oyster cards for travel; you pay a £5 deposit and your daily fare to and from each location is much cheaper. At the end of the use of your card, you get the £5 returned to you. Saving lots of money to use this, like a local.

The lack of hearing English has been a surprise; where you would expect to hear British accents you instead hear Italian, French, Arabic or Russian. Quite the melting pot! Also, people ask us for directions- every day; which is hilarious to me.

Arrived to the jiu jitsu gym to find it closed. Often times these gyms don’t start at their posted times, and have a more relaxed schedule. We hang around for a bit hoping they’ll open. Their Coach, Roger Gracie is just returning home from competition in Dubai, so it’s unknown whether or not he’ll be here but Russell hopes he will be. Someone arrives and we are let in- however, still no one on the mats! Funny gym. 😁

I’m always glad when Russ gets a chance to socialize and hang with other jiu jitsu aficionados. As for me, I’ll stick around for a bit and then head out to explore on my own!

I find the PoundPlus market in the Westfield mall, it’s the same as the dollar store! Leave it to me to always find a discount shop. I’m not kidding, the same Unknown Mortal Orchestra song, ‘Multi-Love’, plays in the background. Sooo coool.  Women with bleach blonde hair ask me if I watch the Real Housewives on TV and use terms like:

  • Pop ’round (visit)
  • Brillaint (great)
  • Tele (TV)
  • Ring me (call me)
  • Cue up (stand in line)
  • Mate (friend) 

I wish we heard these phrases more often in America; they’re incredibly adorable!

I can hear Russell happily chatting away in Portuguese in the locker room. He’s in his element 🤗 As we finish up here, a hot meal is in order! We stop back at the hotel to freshen up, and unfortunately most things to do in London are closing by 4 or 5pm, even bars stop serving at 10pm or 12am depending on the day (clubs are a different story, but we are not interested in that). So after our veggie fish and chips at a restaurant around the corner, it’s off for a walk and then calling it an early evening into relax. Kids have gotten out of school and they all hop on scooters, holding parents hands. Double decker buses tote passengers to and fro, and red phone booths populate with guests. We tuck ourselves in by 8pm. Tomorrow is full of museums and a meeting with a talent agent for me! GoodNight 😴