Tunes Travels: Edinburgh Day 3

We arise to another sparkling morning in Scotland; filled to the brim with breakfast, we head out in a million layers.

Saturday is bustling; neighborhood residents say hello as they pass each other in the streets, older gentleman sip coffee and laugh about which friends owe them the most money and for the longest. Early morning hair appointments seem to be on trend here, as men and women pack the assortment of barbers stalls to get shaves and cuts. Scotland is just as I had imaged; green, lush and friendly.

Russ and I begin heading to Arthur’s seat around 9:30am, but in the bustle of the morning we have forgotten our umbrella (and its misty today), so we turn back.

We made it to the base of Arthur’s seat after a fairly long bus ride, and turns out I wouldn’t make it to the top in my chosen shoes (boots).🙄 Regardless, it was a beautiful sight to behold; a large cliff overlooking the city. We were able to snap some photos and head to the nearest cafe.

Back in town, the Christmas Market and antique shops are a mad house. I’ve never seen a small city so absolutely packed with people! You can sip hot mulled wine and buy little handmade Christmas gifts, much like the one in Paris.
I can feel my body really start to fight me to continue the daily routine, especially with this relentless cold. I’m looking forward to the plane ride home tomorrow, and arriving back in Portland to winter festivities, family and our cozy home! It feels like after everything, I’m still not on the right schedule. This makes me sad because I know if we had been able to extend the trip, we would have adjusted.

More of the cozy interior of our guest house
These vegan sausages were amazing!

After two Christmas markets and full bellies of steamed mushroom buns and lucky Buddha beer, we are ready for home. Our flight leaves early, so there will be no late night activities for us on our last night in Edinburgh. We will spend roughly all the next day traveling from place to place until we finally arrive home in Portland about 8:00pm.

We didn’t fit as much in this trip as we would have liked, but then again we never do. Visiting places like London and Edinburgh we would needs weeks and months to properly see all of the interesting sights and people. For now, this will have to do- but we already know one thing; we will be back!!

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