I have an upcoming trip abroad! With all pending vacations, there comes the inevitable time spent searching for events and activities, accommodations, transport costs, etc. and naturally, I am looking for the best deals!

On this post, I will be searching deals provided through via my SAG-AFTRA membership and comparing prices! My husband and I were fortunate to have our flight paid for thanks to an awesome travel rewards credit card- seriously- check it out:

Which is also currently pretty hilarious considering we are the face of OnPoint:

(Catch the commercial below, its adorable)

Taylor & Russell OnPoint Members

(In all honesty, we are true OnPoint members and absolutely love that credit union. But, Chase’s Sapphire Reserve has OnPoint’s travel card beat! OnPoint is working on topping them. And when the time comes, we will be first to switch!)

Ok, we paid $2.86 for our flight. But, great deal right? πŸ‘πŸ» Anyway, the rest of the trip is on us. This isn’t a problem because we plan an out-of-country trip every year, so we have plenty of time to budget and make sure finances aren’t an issue. This year, Amsterdam is our destination and I could not be more excited! And during the holidays, to boot!

Honestly, the Christmas markets and museums, Dutch breakfasts in front of crackling fires, little village day trips, and EFTELING THEME PARK, need I say more?

This was my year to take advantage of something I forget to do every year, and use my SAG-AFTRA deals!

Every year I’m inundated with letters and emails from SAG-AFTRA, touting all of the membership benefits and great deals offered to us for being in the Actors Union. And every year, I take trips and rent cars and go to Disneyland and generally speaking do all of the things I should be getting discounts on without even bothering to check first. I was not about to forget it this time around!

So, the search began. Where to stay, and at what budget, what to do in town and what perks could be found with my member benefits. And I found some generally disappointing information.

As a plus to your SAG-AFTRA membership, any member paid up and in good standing has an included membership to This is a site that offers employers or companies special deals to their employees:

As you can see, they claim they have amazing offers, from everything to shopping and dining to events, theme parks, hotels, movie tickets, car rentals, etc.

I quickly learned that these deals applied mostly to products and offers located in the continental United States exclusively.

Hotels in Amsterdam, for example, were listed as exclusive offers to members, but in reality offered similar or exact pricing to what can be found on Expedia or Kayak travel booking sites.

Working Advantage Price EXPEDIA OR SIMILAR BOOKING SITE Most of the time, the Expedia pricing was far superior. If I happened to find a good deal on, after closer inspection it appeared they would just take out any free breakfasts and give you a $2-$3 daily discount.

I’m sorry, but breakfasts for two people for $2-$3 a day?! Not worth passing up, but nice try! In addition to finding no good international deals, the website was glitchy and hard to use in general. And I mean, very glitchy and hard to use. As in, wasting massive amounts of my time. There were ridiculously long loading periods, a flat out non working map of hotel locations, a defunct search bar and no way to go back to a previous page without starting your search over entirely.

So, ok, no international deals. That’s just going to have to be fine. But it did get me thinking, what about within the U.S.? One thing I frequently do is visit theme parks. Nothing would make me happier than finding out about a killer Disneyland deal! Especially with the recent influx in prices and discontinuation of the Southern California membership. So, I got to searching. Here is what I found:

WORKINGADVANTAGE.COM DEALPAY AT THE GATE DEAL:Wait a minute. The Disney “deal” on WorkingAdvantage is a dollar more?? And there are no off-peak season deals? You can currently visit Disneyland for $97 on a slow day.

Yes, the deal includes a gift certificate. But does anyone actually use those? Let’s say they do, and they would ideally like to use it at the park. Can they? Nope. The list of compatible Restaurants in the city of Anaheim are a total of (5) options: Closest Disney option is the House of Blues, and using this site in general just over complicates a trip by allowing too few options.

So, at this point I’m pretty peeved about the lack of benefits to this WorkingAdvantage membership. But I’ve gotta find something… What about a special event, like Horror Nights at Universal?

WORKINGADVANTAGE.COM DEAL:ONLINE DEAL: Oh, hey! A $5 discount! True, we have finally found a discount- but why does WorkingAdvantage say it’s normally $95 when I can find it on the Universal Studios website for just $75? A $95 ticket will actually buy you several more hours at the park during this event, starting at 2:00pm instead of 7:00pm- which means, a full five hours of Universal Studios before it converts into Horror Nights at 7:00pm. So, WorkingAdvantage misrepresented their deal to give you the illusion of greater savings.

At this point, I could do more searching, but I’m getting exhausted. The difficult WorkingAdvantage site maneuvering is getting old, and the constant lack of good news is no fun.

All in all, SAG-AFTRA could do better. I’m disappointed and don’t feel that a membership to is worth the hassle. I hope some better offers come soon!

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